A polished concrete coating provides a durable and aesthetic surface

Microcement, otherwise called Micro-cement, is applicable to all: support, help or subsidize. The verb to support exists in French but translates as “to tolerate”.”>supports: – Tiles – Flooring – Concrete – Metal

A covering compatible with underfloor heating, very resistant and easy to maintain with a thickness of 3 mm maximum without breakage and saving considerable time.

No need to touch up openings, etc.

Our concrete can be applied indoors or outdoors.

Perfectly waterproof, it is suitable in humid environments (Italian shower, swimming pool, hammam, work surface, etc.)

After using our product, you can keep the remaining amount for six months to a year, unlike other products that should be thrown away after use is finished.

Reliability, performance, ease of application, beauty, decoration on all types of surfaces.