Resinated marble is intended to be applied as a decorative and natural coating.

It is a mixture composed of:

– a selection of rolled, washed and dried crushed Spanish marble specially designed for this purpose.

– a single-component UV 240 polyurethane resin binder without solvents and without odors, made in Spain, for which we have exclusive marketing rights in Luxembourg.

We choose the highest quality components for you to guarantee the longevity and durability of your resin coating.

This unique association allows you to breathe new life into your exteriors by protecting them.

This original, aesthetic and practical covering allows you to restore character to your exteriors and has many advantages:

  • Non-slip (to prevent falls)

  • Resistant (the coating adapts to frost (-40°C) and heat (+90°C)

  • Draining (water follows the natural slope of your soil)

  • Customizable with a large choice of colors and patterns

  • applicable on concrete, tiles, opus… etc.

  • Easy to maintain


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